About Dahlheimer Beverage


is only as GOOD AS THE BRANDS it carries.

That’s why at Dahlheimer Beverage we start by only representing the top, quality brands our customers want. But our service doesn’t stop there. Our pride is in our product. We take care to ensure the highest quality for your customers in every way, from the proper pour right down to how we store and transport our products.


Our passion for service and quality has earned us not one but five President’s Awards.

Each of our employees receives top training through the Cicerone Certification Program and learn the intricacies to providing and serving quality beverages. Our team works to provide the training and knowledge to each of our customers, making sure the beverage your bar patrons desire is at its highest quality.

  • How beer should be stored
  • How to clean beer lines
  • How to pour each type of beer
  • What type of glasses to use
  • The quality of glasses used to serve the public
  • Adjusting correct carbon levels
  • Quality customer service and response time

Three Generations. One Passion. Zero Cows.

Great companies are founded on a passion. For Dahlheimer Beverage, that moment came when one man discovered his…and it wasn’t milking cows.

Merle Dahlheimer had run his dairy farm for years, but he had tired of the daily milking routine. In a business move that we’re sure had many of the local farmers scratching their heads, he sold his cows and his farm equipment and purchased the St. Michael Gluek Beer Distributor in 1959.

The new business came with 60,000 cases of Gluek beer, three trucks, and one cooler. Merle Dahlheimer drove to the brewery and delivered beer on his way home. His house and garage in St. Michael, Minnesota, became a beer warehouse.

Dedicated to a History of Quality

Fifty-five years later, Dahlheimer Beverage has grown to 143 different brands of beer with more than 800 varieties. We’re still a family run business – three generations and counting – and we still love what we do. We’re always looking to add top quality brands to stay competitive and give our customers what they want.

The beer distribution business can move pretty fast. Trends change and if you’re not paying attention you can miss it. We’ve watched beers like Sam Adams and Corona go from five cases in the corner of the warehouse to major brands across the nation. We were also the first distributor to provide top quality craft and seasonal brands. It’s the quality of the product that matters to us, not the size of the brewery.

Happy Hour

So what does the future look like? Like Merle Dahlheimer, we want to wake up every day with a passion for what we do, grow our brands, and keep giving our customers the quality products and resources they want. Thanks to Merle, we get to do what we love. And when you’re fired up about what you do, every hour of every day is Happy Hour. Cheers!


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