What Do We Do at Dahlheimer Beverage

Dahlheimer Beverage is a full service beverage distribution company. Along with distributing top-of-the-line products, we work directly with the supplier and retailer of the products you enjoy to deliver them locally.

Our Mission Statement

To offer our retail partners a competitive mix of brands, service, and support. We strive to responsibly provide the right product, at the right place, and at the right price, by maintaining a working relationship based on integrity and mutual respect. We continuously add value to our products through our relentless quest for the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction. Quality is never sacrificed for sales.

Who We Are

Our Sales Representatives Are Here to Support You Every Step of the Way.

Our sales team not only gives exemplary service, but they are knowledgeable on all of our brands, Cicerone certified, and continuously adding value with their customer service. Each representative is fluent with draft and product management in approximately 4,800 accounts. At Dahlheimer Beverage, quality is never sacrificed for sales.

Brands Coming

Alive at Retail

We work hard to support our brands with our in-house sign shop and merchandising teams. Together we implement marketing strategies from start to finish. By designing and printing signage on demand to displaying it at our retail partner stores. Our team has an eye for detail and creativity. Working on retail displays with unique and custom point of sale, signs at special events and advertisements. Our team makes sure our products come to life year-round.


Our Delivery Drivers

We take honor in having the best delivery team in the business. Our drivers do more than just deliver beer. They build displays, assist in rotating our products and much more at our retail accounts. They take pride in displaying and rotating products to ensure fresh products in your retail accounts. We go the extra step to assure products get to where our retail partners need it and can offer the best and freshest products possible.

Our Facility

Dahlheimer’s ever-growing facility is the place where the beverages you enjoy are inspected for quality, wrapped, and sent out for delivery. Our organization has four warehouses so our delivery team can reach an extensive service territory. These facilities run 24 hours a day with quality standards in place to ensure a smooth delivery process to all retail accounts. Please see examples of our sustainable practices below and learn about the beer process from start to finish.

All electricity purchased from local solar fields

All forklifts are run on electricity instead of gas to keep contaminants away from product

All shrink wrap and cardboard is recycled through internal bailing process

The entire warehouse is run on LED lighting

Unmatched Service Within Our Draft Specialists

Our draft team provides unparalleled, personalized service to every single account. This team of specialists is knowledgeable in draft systems, keg rotations, and product management, helping our partners maintain their taps. When ordering a beer, you know the quality is top-tier because our draft technicians have completed the proper steps to provide nothing but the best for our partners and their customers.

Special Events

The size of the event doesn’t matter — if you need a special product we work with, we can help you out. We service events of all sizes with products and provide storage options during the event.

The Three-Tier System

The three-tier system was created by legislators immediately after the Prohibition era to help prevent corruptions in the alcohol industries. Before prohibition, and during, many bars, liquor stores and speakeasies became exclusive to their supplier’s products. In many cases were even owned by the brewery that supplied the beer or liquor. This wouldn’t allow for any new breweries to be able to enter into the market as they wouldn’t be able to afford the self distribution process outside of a small area.

An advantage of the three-tier system today is consumers can find a large product selection in stores. It allows breweries of all sizes to be distributed to all retail stores across our state equally. As a distributor we provide a higher level of customer service to our retail partners then the breweries can. By offering more frequent deliveries, we help better manage store inventories, quality of beer freshness and build impactful displays.

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